hallucination #1

hallucination #2



What is it like to be a bomber pilot, flying 3,000 feet in the air? Do you really feel like a Top Gun? The rush of the supremacy of your power, hurtling at break-neck speeds, with your finger on the trigger able to unleash terror and destruction below at a moment's notice? What is it like to be hopped on go-pills, flying 12 hour bombing sorties at a time? Do you ever think about anything beyond the immediacy of the screen in-front of you, the commands being squawked at you, the strange air poetry you recite back to your crew, about getting back on the ground? How often do you feel any hint of vulnerability, what happens when a wave of paranoia hits you, with the waves of adrenaline and go-pills coursing through your veins?

Do you ever try to picture what the terrain below would look like at that exact moment if your feet were on the ground... whether it be Baghdad, Kabul, Pristina, Novi Sad? What is it like to establish air supremacy by going after countries with an air force of twelve planes and twenty year old technology? Does the thought of what it is exactly that the missiles you have just fired or the cluster bombs you have just dropped are doing down below enter your head, or stay with you for any length of time? For how long? Does it count as an atrocity if you are thousands of feet in the air?

Does the combination of all the speed, power, adrenaline, go-pills ever make you hallucinate, see things that can't be real on your HUD, your infrared night vision screen, your laser guidance system, your targeting pod? What would those hallucination look like?