Installation & Site Credits

The War Game Room website was produced as part of the War Game Room interactive videogame installation for the City of Women: 10th International Festival of Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The War Game Room was housed at the Skuc Gallery in Ljubljana in October 2004.

production credits:

Installation & Site conception, research, videography, writing and realisation by pomgrenade, difficult girl productions

Web design: pomgrenade with help from brad/urchin boy, marioscido, mary dp

Music: boyfriend (bernadette houde and maija martin)

Sound: marioscido & witkacy

Interview: Nick Dyer-Witherford

Installation Display: marioscido, mary dp, pomgrenade

All-around support and back-up: Volatile Works


thank yous:
pomgrenade would like to thank a number of folks, particularly Karen Wong and Bettina Knaup, curators extraordinaires, who provided the context that made this project possible. A HUGE thank you to the Volatile Works media arts collective, my homies who were the support and sounding board that make it all not only possible but worth it. Nick Dyer-Witherford for the interview. The lo-fi electro beauty that is boyfriend (bernie & maija). brad/urching boy, web guide extraordinaire, for putting me out of my css misery. witkacy for the sound mixing finesse late into the night. mary dp for the awesome display expertise. and especially marioscido for doing it all, from research support to seeking out adapter plugs to last-minute runs for black string, and for being and staying there through the unspeakable.

artist bio
pomgrenade lives in Montréal, Québec. Under the guise of difficult girl productions as well as the Volatile Works media arts collective, she has been active in experimental and documentary film and video production, community radio and sound, and all around media jamming and social activism for the past ten years. Please send your questions, comments and especially feedback to:

contact: pom at

a difficult girl & volatile works production 2004