Balkan Mediations was produced as part of the GIV + Studio XX Women and Video on the Web production residency. Version 1 was launched as part of the Femmes Branchées salon at GIV on December 18th, 2002. It has since been presented in a number of other venues, lectures, and community presentations, including the htmlles festival (Montreal & Hull), the Mois Multi (Quebec City), Images (Toronto), les digitales (Bruxelles), and at bootlab as part of club transmediale (Berlin).

production credits:

Site conception, research, videography, writing and realisation by pomgrenade, difficult girl productions

Site design: pomgrenade and glenn gear

difficult girl productions



thank you:

pomgrenade would like to thank all the folks at GIV, Studio XX, the other three workshop participants (Diyan, Mara, and Jody), Julie Lapalme, laura jeanne lefave, and Anne Golden. A HUGE thank you to glenn gear, without whose guidance, design work, patience, and amazing technical and creative support I could not have completed the site. An additional thanks to marioscido for feedback, support, text editing, and for being my first and best sounding board.

Also to all those amazing peoples of the former yugoslavia who have struggled, resisted when it was possible, and survived through unimaginably difficult times, and to those of all ethnicites and nationalities who did not survive.


artist bio

pomgrenade lives in Montréal, Québec. Under the guise of difficult girl productions (her most recent front), she has been active in experimental and documentary film and video production, community radio and sound, and all around media jamming for the past ten years. Please send your questions, comments and especially feedback to:

pom at





All content on this website (including text, photographs, video files) is licensed under a Creative Commons License.  

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