anti-NATO protests in Prague during the NATO summit in november 2002



Critical Political Perspectives on yugoslavia

ZNet's Balkan Watch

Z Magazine's Kosovo Crisis Pages

Kontrapunkt, yugoslav anti-militarist, anarchist zine (in serbo-croatian)


Critical Media Analysis of the NATO bombing of kosovo and yugoslavia

FAIR's Resources on Yugoslavia and the Balkans, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, u.s. media watch group



Stop the War on Iraq

Statement: We Oppose both Saddam Hussein and the US War on Iraq

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Federation of American Scientists Arms Sales Momitoring Project

Washington's Men in Kosovo, article on post-NATO bombing Kosovo


Economic Justice

Dollars & Sense article on neoliberal restructuring in post-Milosevic Serbia

Economic Terrorism, an article from the Montreal Serai e-zine

Post-Yugoslavia & the Exceptional State of Serbia-Montenegro, an interview during the state of emergency of 2003 that followed the assasinaton of Zoran Djindjic



Depleted Uranium Just the Tip of the Iceberg, article from

Collateral Damage of the Environmental Kind, Mojo Wire article



Linking Arms: Women and war in post-Yugoslav States

Autonomous Women's Center

Belgrade Women's Studies Center



Queeria LBGT

Alternative Media

Video Medeja yugoslav video art association, annual video fest in Novi Sad

Low-Fi Video, low-fi video fest in Belgrade

Exit, music fest in Novi Sad




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